Saturday, May 26, 2012


Boston is my favorite getaway. I love New York but sometimes it's good to escape the fast pace of this city and sit in a quiet house in a neighborhood. I consider Bea's house in Boston as my second home; I spent all of summer 2011 there and I have claimed my own bed in their house. my latest trip to Beantown consisted of baking lemon tarts,  sitting and talking in Harvard Sq with Dan and Bea, wandering Somerville and ogling at all the beautiful homes, teaching Bea how to bike in a parking lot, a spontaneous watermelon purchase, the most delicious grapefruit & ginger popsicle, the new Beach House album Bloom, a mini road trip to Reading for Sam's sister's Bat Mitzvah, and hours and hours of lying in bed & eating cake & watching 30 Rock while Bea was at work. patiently awaiting my next trip there.



  1. This is adorable. <3 I got here from your Flickr.
    I love your dress and your shoes!
    Also, which lens are you using?