Saturday, July 21, 2012

makin friends

I have met so many new folks in the past few weeks, it has been so so great. a few weeks ago I hung out with Jake Sigl - we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and went to the seaport and caught Loney Dear and Patrick Watson. the following week, I met Jake's girlfriend Allyssa, and she, Jake, Olivia, Stephan and I went to a New York Philharmonic concert in Central Park. the next day, I went to the 4knots Festival with Krista, and on the way we ran into Natalie, someone who I'd been meaning to meet but kept missing, on the subway, and then met her friend Lissy. The four of us headed down to the seaport together, and there we met Kyle, who I discovered is from Indiana like me and goes to college in the town I'm from. We had a great time at the festival; I discovered some new nice bands, and finally got to see the Drums. The lead singer Jonathan has the best dance moves/hip gyrations/I don't even know, it was just great. on Sunday, a bunch of us met up in Prospect Park for a picnic, and I got to see Sandy, Mike, Lissy, Natalie, Jake, and Allyssa, and I also got to meet Metin and Claire. We ate some nice food/listened to some good tunes, and then went to the Brooklyn Museum. afterwards, I grabbed dinner in Williamsburg with Sandy and her mother before heading uptown. one of the best weekends of the entire summer for sure.

some of the photos below are film taken on my dad's old point & shoot that I found in my house. wahoo


  1. These all look so, so fantastic! And it was great to finally meet you! :)

  2. thanks so much Metin! likewise!!