Friday, November 16, 2012


After a minor mishap occurred with one of my film point & shoots at a show I went to in September (re: think before you get into a mosh pit with a camera), my friend Tyler was so gracious to let me borrow his Contax T3 for a while. This is what I shot.

dearest Allyssa
Sepeed's Elliot Smith shrine
Caroline's pizza tattoo
old school
Lauren reading on the train
getting Pizza with Jake and Allyssa
Torsten in a tree
View from my window
taken during Sandy
Bea and I went to the most beautiful cemeteries in Boston. The images above and below were taken at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

Light on my bed in Boston.
Me at Revere Beach
Bea's cat Benny
train to Jamaica Plain
A toilet we found on the sidewalk in Jamaica Plain.
Ivy-covered tree at Forest Hills Cemetery.
I came back to New York just in time for a freak snow storm.

Chris screen printing in the studio.
at WBAR.
Creeping in the bathroom.
Proudly displaying my love for the Strokes.

See you later.

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