Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I got the Fuji x100 a few weeks ago and I am really happy with it. I like that even though it is so compact, I still have complete control over the image. I'm mostly happy that it doesn't weigh as much as my dslr because I'm more inclined to take it with me everywhere and I'm finally shooting as often as I want to be. 

I spent an evening at Olivia's place in Bushwick the other day.
Went to Blick with Izzy because they were having a canvas sale. We lugged 10 canvasses back uptown, it was quite an experience.
Saw Desaparecidos at Webster Hall with my friends Kevin & Anneke. Killer show. I would see them a million times over. 
Rainy day.
Asked a guard for directions to an altarpiece by Raphael at the Met.
Morning light in my room.

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